'Spike Surfs' Book - From The Lost Dogs' Home to Surfing Champ


Spike Surfs By Robert Lorzenzon: A true story of devotion and friendship. 

"When Rob first chose me [Spike the dog] at the Lost Dogs' Home, he didn't know I was going to become a surfing champion. Find out how I did it."

This book is the story of how devotion and friendship can change a scared and mistreated dog into a confident, water-loving, national surfing champion. That’s right, Spike is a surfing champion. 

Spike is a former resident of The Lost Dogs' Home. He loves surfing, SUP, bones, digging and spaghetti. In 2018 he won the Dog Surfing Championship. He will take any opportunity to get into the water.

Robert Lorenzon has a background in environmental sciences, park management and the media. He’s a lifelong surfer and loves to ride the waves and explore the natural world with his pal Spike.  

50% of royalties from the sale of Spike Surfs go to The Lost Dogs' Home to help continue its fantastic work.

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